At Zoleant Pharmaceuticals, we focus on the importance of providing well-being throughout all of our activities; this is the well-being created by the products we supply, the well-being of our strategic global partners by offering flexible and lucrative business models, and last, but not least, the well-being of our professionals supported by the working environment and initiatives for personal development.

We are committed to ensuring the sustainability and growth of our partners by not limiting ourselves to just providing affordable, high quality products, but also in the services offered. With an established Quality Management System which is optimized to exceed the standards, coupled with our rigorous Supply Chain Management System, we truly do provide more than promised.

As for the continual success of Zoleant Pharmaceuticals, we have set specific strategic goals that are monitored continuously and revised annually to create maximized efficiency throughout our business.

Through the support of our partners, professionals, and a corporate structure designed for quick decision making, we will continue to build upon the foundation of becoming the leading provider of alternative brand healthcare products.

With the inclusion of Labiana Life Sciences of Spain in 2019, followed by Novakim of Turkey in 2021 into our shareholding structure, we remain to secure our commitments to our shareholders.