(Each 1 mL contains)

(Thiamine HCl) Vitamin B1 2.00 mg

(Pyridoxine HCl) Vitamin B6 2.00 mg

L-Arginine 1.44 mg

L-Cysteine 3.20 mg

L-Histidine 1.32 mg

DL-Isoleucine 3.60 mg

L-Leucine 4.28 mg

(L-Lysine monohydrochloride) Lysine 5.44 mg

L-Phenylalanine 5.00 mg

L-Threonine 3.20 mg

L-Tryptophan 0.86 mg

L-Valine 3.60 mg

DL-Methionine 0.01 mg

Glycine 3.20 mg

(Monosodium glutamate) Glutamate 3.20 mg



Vitamin and Amino Acid Solution is a supplementary product and a readily available energy source consisting of amino acids and B complex components of B1 and B6 vitamins. It is recommended to be used as nutritional co-factors and nutrients in debilitated animals. It provides and increased appetite, supports the overall well-being of the animal while restoring a normal electrolyte balance due to the supplementary product containing essential vitamin and amino acids.


Cattle, horses 50 – 100 mL

Calves 25 – 50 mL

Sheep, goats, swine 10 – 15 m


The product may be given directly to individual animals and to groups of animals via the feed or water to supplement the daily ration to suit the required needs. Recommended dosage is according to 20 L water or 20 kg feed for cattle and horses, 10 L water or 10 kg feed for calves, 3 L water or 3 kg feed for sheep, goats and swine and 1-2 L water or 1-2 kg feed for cats and dogs.



It is contained in 100 mL amber glass vials with a rubber stopper and aluminum screw cap. Each vial is packed into a carton.

Manufactured in GMP+ facility according to sterile filtration technology in clean rooms.